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L Magazine

February 9, 2016

One issue a year just isn’t enough. The editors at Legends Magazine are introducing L Magazine, a supplimental issue to be released in the Fall of each year. Enjoy a look into the first issue of L.

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Legends Vol. 26

March 12, 2015

Another issue of Legends Magazine is published. We are honored to have the opportunity to design this publication from start to finish each year with the thoughtful guidance of Editor Hailey Wist. This year’s issue is a collection of articles which capture the lifestyle, the culture, and the vibrant community of Kiawah Island.

Legends 26 cover image: Peter Frank Edwards

Client: Kiawah Island

Legends 25

February 4, 2014

Legend’s Magazine, Volume 25 is out. Full of beautiful photography and thoughtful writing, we think this issue is the best one yet. It is such a pleasure to work with Hailey Wist to put this piece together. We are already looking forward to Volume 26.

Client: Kiawah Island Development Partners

The Garden Summer

February 28, 2012

In the Summer of 2010, Hailey Wist invited four suburbanites to a ranch in rural Arkansas. They lived in a small cabin, grew a large garden, ate only from a 100-mile radius, sold at a local farmers market, and hosted a field feast. The Garden Summer project was a grassroots, community-based, social experiment. On February 9, 2012 the documentary they made of that summer premiered at The American Theater in Charleston. We designed these posters for the much anticipated event. The poster design and execution was a multi-step process. We cut fabric turnips that we then stitched to card stock and then letterpressed overtop of the fabric. It was a labor of love, but we’re so happy with the simplicity and dimension of the posters. And, we can’t forget to mention, the film was excellent! It will soon be traveling to a film festival near you and is a must see!

Client: Hailey Wist