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Soyful Candle Company

August 29, 2011

A Soyful Candle Co. recently came to us looking to rebrand their company. Soyful candles are simple soy candles with a range of beautiful fragrances, superior burn times and are a healthy alternative to paraffin. We pulled inspiration from the natural aspect of their process and product as well as the simplicity of the name. We’re currently working on their packaging which we hope to share soon!

Client: Soyful Candle Co.

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2011 PRINT Regional Design Annual

August 28, 2011

We were excited to hear from Print Magazine that a few of our projects were selected for the 2011 Print Regional Design Annual. Congratulations to: Charlotte Elizabeth Photographer Identity, Troubadour Identity, 2011 Field Feast Invite, FIG Clay Pigeon Wine Label and last but not least, our stationery for Stitch! Read the rest of this entry »

Client: Stitch Design Co.

Portland General Store

August 22, 2011

We’re excited to share with you Portland General Store‘s new catalogue. Troy and Lisa of Portland General Store have  created a unique and unabashedly male line of authentic and all natural personal care products. Each of their products are custom-mixed from sea minerals, clays, essential oils and and other plant-derived ingredients. Not only are the products well made, but are smart, masculine and sleek. Their inventory includes such items as Whiskey After Shave, Face Bomb Cleansing Mud, and Maine Cologne. It was a pleasure working with such a unique client  as well as two of our favorite creative collaborators, Sandy Lang (copywriting) and Peter Frank Edwards (photography). Read the rest of this entry »

Client: Portland General Store

Cortney Bishop Signage

August 14, 2011

We designed this signage for Cortney Bishop Design to correspond with her identity and branding that we completed earlier this year. Cortney designed the beautiful light fixture above the sign and we worked with a local metal worker to produce the sign. The best part about this sign is that it will continue to patina with time, the Charleston sea air is perfect for that.

Client: Cortney Bishop Design

Charleston Magazine – By Design

August 11, 2011

We were flattered to be among such talented company in the 2011 August issue of Charleston Magazine. Thank you for such a great article! Read the full article here.

Client: Charleston Magazine

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