Indie Grits Festival Poster

April 11, 2011

On April 13th, Columbia, South Carolina will fill with creative independent film makers and film goers. The Indie Grits Festival begins this Wednesday and will run through Sunday. This year’s festival not only will feature selected films but also focus on independent musicians, craft makers and foodies. We’ve been hard at work on all of the festival pieces and wanted to share this letterpress poster we designed and our sister company, Sideshow Press printed. The poster is four color letterpress on French Smart White Paper. The design is a continuation of the Save the Date Poster we created for the Festival earlier this year. If you’re in Columbia, be sure to stop in to the Nickelodeon Theater and catch a few films.

Client: Indie Grits Festival

4 Responses to “Indie Grits Festival Poster”

  1. Ciera says:

    This is beautiful, great job!

  2. Cool. letterpress printing?

  3. Jan Ziter says:

    Its Gorgeous!! Kudos, I love your work!! Jan