Elizabeth Porcher Jones

June 26, 2012

Elizabeth Porcher Jones is a talented calligrapher based out of Charleston, SC. We have collaborated with Elizabeth for many years, so needless to say, we were thrilled when she came to us to design her stationery package (and next her website). It was truly an honor to work with such beautiful assets. We designed this set to highlight her calligraphy and used support elements such as edging, fictitious guild logos, letterpress printing and letter writing etiquette to bring it all together. 

Client: Elizabeth Porcher Jones

5 Responses to “Elizabeth Porcher Jones”

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  2. JaeDollason says:

    I believe this is by far one of my favorite pieces you’ve done. I love calligraphy and truly envy those who are so wonderful at it. The silver edges are such a beautiful touch too. Absolutely wonderful!

  3. […] Elizabeth Porcher Jones « Stitch Design Co.. Tweet var ujian_config = { 'num':5, 'showType':2, 'bgColor':"", 'mouseoverColor':"#FFEFD4", 'textColor':"#333333", 'hoverTextColor':"#333333", 'borderColor':"#dddddd", 'picSize':115, 'target':0, 'textHeight':60, 'defaultPic':"", 'itemTitle':"這些靈感也很棒:" } 芙小姐設計學院畢業的熱血的艷紅草莓, 打小熬夜做壁報,長大不睡搞設計, 小時浪漫寫詩篇,長大改寫設計稿, 以為自己是爛漫文青,卻只能當啃菜刻苦宅青, 曾經幻想做時尚凱莉,但人生實在太有趣,泡在設計圈裡爬格子, 不變的嗜書愛電影看卡通、好新奇事物與幻想、和ㄇㄞˋ點子用創意、美學與世界交朋友 !!更多靈感 訂閱我的訊息: /* […]

  4. Krista says:

    Curious how you did the edging of the cards with the gold. Thanks!

    Its beautiful!

  5. […] far as other calligraphers, Elizabeth Porcher Jones, Paperfinger (Bryn Chernoff), and Fat Orange Cat Studio (Li Ward) are whose work I obsessed over […]