Cooking in Season

January 16, 2013

The new cook book we designed for Chronicle Books, Cooking in Season with The Fresh Market has finally arrived! We’re so excited to see the finished product! Cooking in Season is designed around the seasons and the practice of enjoying foods at their peak of freshness and taste. We designed the book using graphic details and patterns representative of the colors and foods from each season.  It was a dream to work with both Chronicle and with The Fresh Market. The successful outcome of the book is a wonderful collaboration between a smart publisher, a creative client, a talented photographer and a small design firm who loves all things delicious and simple.

Client: Chronicle Books

2 Responses to “Cooking in Season”

  1. morgan says:

    Absolutely gorgeous work, as usual! I love the full page use of pattern behind the seasons.

  2. I am in New York City this week and met with Pamela. She said you’re coming to town next week – darn it! The book looks absolutely wonderful. I love the every photo and the design makes it sing.

    Thank you! Have fun in the city!