Woodsfolk Logo Process

January 30, 2013

These collection of logos are from a recent branding exercise for The Woodsfolk, a family store in Melbourne Australia. The Woodsfolk is a destination store with houseware items curated to appeal to the design conscious family. The name quickly conjured up many great ways to illustrate the fun and whimsical store. So many so, it was hard to stop! We can’t wait to share the finished brand…soon!

Client: The Woodsfolk

7 Responses to “Woodsfolk Logo Process”

  1. Miss Limi says:

    Fantastic work! I love all of these! Looking forward to seeing the final outcome.

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  3. Andy says:

    Awesome explorations!

  4. Kirsty says:

    Ahh these logo designs are so cool. So cute and full of charm!!

  5. JaeDollason says:

    I love the progress posts that you share occasionally. It is always so interesting to see how many different concepts and approaches can be taken for a logo design. Absolutely love all of them!

  6. These are one of the best designs I have came across, Thanks for sharing the great innovative work.

  7. TJ Murrin says:

    These look great! They remind me of something from a Wes Anderson film.